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J U D E A frontman, Justin Ian Raymond Lays It All Out

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CONCERT REVIEW:  Dropshot, Framing The Red, Cruel Curses, FLecitables 5/11/19

Jazz The Intern: Concert Review

Artist: Dropshot, Framing The Red, Cruel Curses, & FLexcitables

Venue: The Niagara Tap, Largo, FL

Saturday, May 11, 2019

 This much anticipated night of rock n' roll truly held one for the ages. It all went down at the super awesome local music dive bar, The Niagara Tap. A quintessential center piece for the Florida music scene, The Niagara Tap consistently brings in the best talent around and proved it on this night. Although a small place, The Tap as the locals call it, is tucked away in the cozy little Tampa Bay town of Largo, FL and knows how to rock big!

Saturday, May 11th was a homecoming party for local celebrity rock band, Dropshot, who have been on and off the road over the last six years. Dropshot has its special place in my heart as their catchy tunes ring in my ears night after night. More about them later….

As the night thickened so did the audience. Local 311 tribute band, FLexcitables kicked off the show with a handful of high energy 311 tunes that got everybody jumping and excited. What a great way to open a show. They were quickly followed by local sexy prog rockers, Cruel Curses and if you haven’t seen this band in the bay area yet, you are truly missing out. With powerful melodies of intertwining guitars, a driving rhythm section and soulful vocals, they truly have it all. Not to mention their personalities are as massive as their music. Super cool dudes to hang and bang heads with. Look out for new tour dates from them soon.

There’s only one way to follow a band like Cruel Curses and that with a band like Dropshot.

Demanding the crowds full attention, founding member, frontman Jason Taylor opened the set with a vikings scream asking the crowd “Are you fucking ready?!” then kicked right into the first song and didn’t let up till the last song was over! I must say that from a technical perspective, their throw and go, plug and play position truly made for a raw high octane rock n roll experience which completely set the mood for Southern Sleeze Rockers, Framing The Red to follow.

With a quick change of a few mics and things, Framing The Red, took the stage. These hard hitting southern rockers exceeded debut expectations with a well rounded gritty rock set filled with their soon to be radio hits mixed a few well known classics. My recent single review of Framing The Red led to a long awaited live interview which was fit for a Hollywood movie premiere sound stage. With so much excitement , their live performance of my favorite tracks brought out the inner fanboy in me. This event hammered the final nail into my rock n roll obsession of this band's music, not to mention the happiness in my heart to see them gaining success of their long journey. Taking the national scene by storm this band is just getting started.

At the end of the night being able to relax with some awesome musicians and get to know them on a personal level was truly the high note of the evening. Super cool guys all around and I can’t wait to see them again this winter when they return for Local Live Fest. Look out for my video interview with Framing The Red very soon.

I give event, venue, organizer, and talent line up 5 out 5 flames!!

Interview by Jazz The Intern

 J.P Southern Band,  a family oriented southern rock group named after the founding members Drew Jones and Billy Potter.  I not only gained the opportunity to speak with these entertaining gentlemen via phone interview, but was given a chance to look into the life of J.P Southern.

 Each member has a story to tell that’s inspiring and even heroic. Personally, anyone that hears the message they deliver will be moved in more than one way.  J.P Southern is not just a title of their group, it’s their salute to all their brothers and sisters in uniform as well as comrades returning home. Their overall concept is to help ease the afflictions of PTSD and the pent up emotion left by their experiences with the armed forces. What started as a  creative therapeutic hobby is now blossoming into a chance to do something bigger than themselves.

Billy Potter,  frontman, guitarist and vocalist describes his thoughts on the armed forces and what they want to dedicate to those still serving as “...giving more of yourself than you’re taking...” .

 Musically, J.P Southern has influences deriving from a mixture of  the old school rock n’ roll,  outlaw country and every style under the sun.

When speaking with the various members of the group I noticed a recurring similarity between their personalities that pointed to one thing.


 Even when asked for one word to describe the band ,and everything around it, one word shined through and that was Healing. The band stated “...family is everything to us and everyone needs healing. So we hope to heal everyone we can…” , so in the nature of loving your fellow man mixed with decades of musical experience polished to perfection with a heart-felt passion J.P Southern Band was born.

 As of 2018 the band has slowly formed together with hours of search and hard work. The dedications of each  are surely in high accounts due to the overwhelming joy it brings to every last one of them. They say plans to hit the road in the foreseeable future are in motion, once the details are sorted and everything is a go, we will see what these men bring to the stage.  I for one can’t wait to see these gentlemen when the make it to Florida, I can’t wait for the follow up. Keep your eyes open!

Look for JP Southern Band's new single out on all streaming platforms June 1st.